Heyooo! Another short post!! Just to get it off my chest.

I have tons of work to do. But screw it school has been crazy so it’s time to chill here. (and no one would come here either.. maybe except Nikki and now YanTong) Hehe~

So as some of you have known I changed my hair color to BLUE (not green) a week ago and have been receiving a lot of compliments and some comments from people. Especially from strangers<3 And I absolutely have not regret changing it.

And why did I do it? Because it has been my goal and desire to change it since secondary 2! Like I have enough of brown. Brown and black can get out of my life for now. I’m in an Arts course I can do whatever the hell I want. It’s my own hair so if it bothers you too bad. If you prefer it brown TOO BAD! If you think I’m prettier with my natural hair well I don’t need your advice on how to be pretty because I’m not here to satisfy you (:

It’s my own hair so if it bothers you too bad. If you prefer it brown TOO BAD! If you think I’m prettier with my natural hair, well I don’t need your advice on how to be pretty because I’m not here to satisfy you (: If you hate on my hair well too bad it’s not your head. The only time I’ll change it is if my bestfriends tells me not to get it (: So don’t even try to convince me to go back to the boring old days of mine. I love natural hair or brown don’t get me wrong, I just don’t like it ON ME.

Also to anyone out there that face critics that just pull you down, don’t let it affect you. It’s your own body your own face. Do what you want with it as you please no one can judge you but yourself. If you think you are making the right decision go ahead. Be happy and pretty ❤ byes~

Relationships are ???

Okay, I will just spend 15 minutes writing (I have a timer right beside me). So if it sounds like I just left it hanging I’m sorry… I’ll continue next time because I don’t have much time to write nowadays ):

But I would like to talk about relationships. Like recently so many of my friends are struggling with that and it’s starting to affect me. Not that I don’t want them to share their problems with me, I am more than willing to help all my friends as much as possible. But seeing so many of my precious friends getting hurt or struggling just hurts me too… Like who dare make them feel like that!! But it’s neither’s fault, it just happens and what can I do other can hear them out and comfort them. I feel so useless sometimes.

And what’s more, I’m struggling too… I’m just a stupid overthinker that has no balls to do things. After hearing everyone’s opinions and things they don’t like their s/o to do, I become more self-conscious and try not to be the desperate asshole that looks like she just wants to get into a relationship. (basically a slut lul) But I’m not.. I just feel so pressured and tired I just don’t want to hurt others or be hurt. Plus whenever I see him, I just can’t help but stare and I feel like a creep. D:

I have no experience in r/s or if I ever tried it just gave me a horrible experience and left me with regrets. How would I put this… Like I’m scared now. To even initiate a convo or like someone. So yeah, I guess this rant is over.

I’m sorry if I was just plain annoying, or repeating something over and over again. I JUST WANNA WRITE IT DOWN! haha So yeah feel free to comment anything c: I need help ;u;

Birthday WishList <3

I just really wanna write so badly… Plus I think I should update my blog once in awhile :”)

  • A unicorn onesie
  • Swamplandia! -Karen Russell
  • Hooded Sweatshirt
  • soft iPhone 7 case (some cute design like sushis)
  • Chrome nail powder<3
  • iridescent/pink chrome nail polish ( please no gel)
  • LED light for nails !! (please don’t get expensive ones)
  • matte top coat polish
  • pink/purple/blue hair dye c:
  • lipstick near the pale purplish pink color (matte or glossy is fine)
  • cute socks (please no ankle socks)
  • net stockings but the white one instead?
  • any haikyuu stuff! Plushie will be nice<3 NO more figs plz ;u;
  • make up in general idk :”)

Read or Watch things in context please

Disclaimer: I’m not against people who are vegan or vegetarian. It’s just those uneducated ones that get so much on my nerves that I have to make this post. 

I am so done with PETA. Like… i love that you share videos of people saving dogs and other animals that were either abused or tortured or left to die by us and that is very honourable. BUT somethings I just can’t take myself to feel as much and agree with. I don’t have concrete evidence right now but i have read that PETA is getting so much money just to put animals to sleep???? To sleep???!! While other shelters and volunteers are trying their best to help animals get homes and let them live their full life. Soooo I’m a bit sceptical when it comes to donating to such an organisation. I would rather do my research first than randomly donate to one thinking that I’m doing good. But sadly soooooo many people are not :-)).

Like showing how octopus can’t be eaten raw because chopping their legs in front of them is wrong??(can be subjective but it’s so ridiculous) because they say octopus have feelings too so what about plants? So what are you gonna do about that vegans huh? What was your intention to becoming a vegan. I can’t stand uneducated people turning vegan just becoz they saw an ant getting tortured and oh no FEELS! Like you ripe the fruits out of trees, you chop up fresh vegetables on the chopping board in front of other veges. All these plants have feelings too you know? When they lose a limb they know, when they lose a fruit they know too. So that’s why they grow back. True pain might not be something they will feel. But just because plants feel things differently from us doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings at all.

And taking a video 30 years ago where people experimented on monkeys that might actually have a cure for blind people? Yes, experimenting on animals is wrong but that video was so old…. and preaching as though people are still doing it now to that extend… A lot of companies have actually stopped animal testing and researchers are trying their best to cut down the usage of such cruelty. But to say as though that the situation is still the same since how many years back… that’s a little too much.

And where will we have been without all the sacrifice the animals made for us. How would we be able to advance so much in such a short time. Some things are inevitable and I may sound heartless… but its the fact. Unless PETA thinks it’s alright to experiment on humans I’m fine with that.

I love this quote/paragraph too much.

A number of studies have shown that plants feel pain, and vegetables are picked and often eaten while still alive. Animal rights activists are often in the news, but has anyone ever protested for vegetable rights?

Phil Cohen, Sydney, Australia

The More You Know

※I’m not targeting anyone here. It’s just a general observation that I want to share.


So for those that know me, you see me as this happy-go-lucky austistic kid. HAHAHA! Yeah, that’s me. I love to make people around me happy and positive! *ü* I would even do my best to please everyone and make friendships that are all equally precious.

But I’m not dumb, especially when it comes to guys. All your words and actions, hell I already know what you are trying to do from the start. But it’s fun to play along as a little girl, cluelessly swept away with my feelings. (have to admit sometimes I get swept away too much, but I always have trustworthy girl friends to keep me in check)

I really hate it when guys think that they are much more mature than girls although they are older. Think that they are smooth af, covers all they plots, when it’s just so obvious. What’s even more cringe worthy? When they be prideful, but fails. HAHA!! I don’t blame them though, I know they are just kids and are still underdeveloped. *ü*

And I’m not saying that I understand everything all the time, or that I look down on guys. No, I don’t. But I do give opportunities for guys to tell me their side of the story. Most of the time when they do, I really appreciate it. But some princesses that are stuck in their tiny ass little world can’t seem to understand it and thinks that I am just looking for attention? /rolls eyes ten million times/ Look at the big picture please, get out of your self-absorbed world, it’s reality! So deal with it and stop whining.

7df2f065e044d6f93149fceaedc23c5695642413d158b054eacaddb89f81b55d.jpgProblems will keep coming, situations will not go your way all the time. Looking at the cup half empty or half full won’t make it any better! Look at it as a whole so that you know what to change and what not too. It’s simple to say okay, but would you do it even if it means to step out of your comfort zone?


Story time! It’s not really a story.

Or to put it short… My weird addiction/fetish I felt like ranting abt HAHAHA!

Just felt like writing here coz.. Why not? So just recently(a month ago) I bought a new earring and my love for earrings just shot up 100000000x. Lemme explain.

So for those who don’t know, I love earrings a lot. A LOT A LOT! Currently, I have 4 on my right ear and none on my left and I plan to get more in the future, maybe the whole right ear? You may ask why only the right ear 8’D. WELL, I was stupid last time, so the reason is pretty ridiculous. Can ask me IRL) Anyways, back to the story, I bought a new earring from Scape and it’s that big triangle looking one. Something like the ones at the bottom with a different pattern AHAHAH!1ช-นแบรนด-ว-นเทจ316Lสแตนเลสส-ดำสามเหล-ยมเรขาคณ-ตแฟช-นผ-ชายผ-หญ-งพ-งก-สต-ดต-างห-So I decided to wear it next to my danglyyy earring that I bought from Japan. And obviously, because it’s dangly and the new one that I got is big they always clank(?) together when I move my head. AND I FIND THE SOUND THAT THEY MAKE VERY SOOTHING!!!! Is it just me? Like imagine small tiny metals clanking beside your ear *ü* It makes me feel… Less lonely xD OMG. Especially when I’m in a very quiet place, I like to purposely move/shake my head just so that I can hear the sound that they make.

Maybe because it has the same effects as how a whisper would have? Like you know… whisper therapy… I think I just made that term up but I’m sure I have read about it somewhere. Somewhere. And the sound is really soft and gentle, maybe hence the soothing-ness?????? But I really like it and I think it’s awesome and cute and it makes me want to get more piercings. But then I would need to memorise more dates…. Coz I do make it a point to remember when I get them. For fun.

What do you think? HAHAHA


It’s too late for this…(it’s 12am)

Yay! Finally, after 2 freaking years, I finally decided to spend some time to make a blog. /Pats myself on the back/

So I guess for a first post, I’ll just pen down some of my feelings during the first semester of school since it just ended. It was hella fun and a part of my life that I will never ever forget and regret.

I’m Grateful

FOR {ODEKO FLOWERS} ❤ Without Megan and Nikki, I would probably have died in school (both schools). Literally, both of them are the pillars of life and also my back problem jk. There’re no words that can describe how happy I am whenever I am around them. [We must take over the whole school before we graduate okay! xD]

Also really grateful for the many friends I have met! Like seriously, I never imagined that I would meet so many sweet and cute people, from school and outside ü. Especially my class. They are a bunch of weirdos and austistic kids, but also people whom you can relate and trust the most. And ruin a whole classroom by pouring starch and water everywhere HAHA We did clean up after that though!

Another bunch of cutiepies is from Nikki’s radio class + other people from her school. Their hospitality and positive vibes are just 1000%!! I lub you guys ;v; Being around them almost every Wednesday just makes me feel energized again xD

Speaking about Wednesdays, my lovely Lifegroup that has been really patient and caring! Knowing that I always can’t make it for lg, but care to pray for me and make sure I do well in every way ;; I thank God for such a great community. With that being said I do know I need to improve the way I live my life… And not be a hypocrite. But tbh it’s hard and sometimes I really feel like giving up.

There are actually duo duo things I am grateful for too… But I am just brain dead right now so I’ll leave it for next time ^^*

I Dread

I actually dreaded stuff LIKE 7COMMIS! (Even Raphael agrees) OMG! I don’t understand why I’ll receive an email saying that I have low attendance when I clearly went for all the classes… and maybe skipped 3/4 of the last lesson because why not it’s the last lesson ahah! Not surprising if I get C for that module AHAHAH!!!

Just thinking about S&W and innova for next semester just *rolls eyes* 

But on the bright side, most of the people in my class are really genuinely nice! Especially all the 8 James, I swear break time are the best. All the weird stories I’ve heard…  Victor and his girl ahem

It’s currently 12:16am right now (IT IS AND I CAN STAY UP TILL THIS LATE OKAY) so I’ll probably sound really high from here onwards.

{ Let’s take a few seconds to appreciate Ivan’s perfect form when he tries to catch a frisbee. }

A few reminders to myself…

  • To have better time management. 

I need to get my shit together and stop doing last minute work. If not I’ll regret it a lot… WILL definitely regret it HAHA!!

  • Stop procrastinating.

Seriously though, I procrastinate like how a taco will give someone the shitz.

THATS ALLS HAHA I can’t give myself too many reminders if not I’ll forget them easily… Huehuehue. All the best for everyone’s final exams and promos (JC peeps! you can do it!!!!) If anyone even read this, kudos to you~ COZ I’M BORING AHAH! bai bai ü