Relationships are ???

Okay, I will just spend 15 minutes writing (I have a timer right beside me). So if it sounds like I just left it hanging I’m sorry… I’ll continue next time because I don’t have much time to write nowadays ):

But I would like to talk about relationships. Like recently so many of my friends are struggling with that and it’s starting to affect me. Not that I don’t want them to share their problems with me, I am more than willing to help all my friends as much as possible. But seeing so many of my precious friends getting hurt or struggling just hurts me too… Like who dare make them feel like that!! But it’s neither’s fault, it just happens and what can I do other can hear them out and comfort them. I feel so useless sometimes.

And what’s more, I’m struggling too… I’m just a stupid overthinker that has no balls to do things. After hearing everyone’s opinions and things they don’t like their s/o to do, I become more self-conscious and try not to be the desperate asshole that looks like she just wants to get into a relationship. (basically a slut lul) But I’m not.. I just feel so pressured and tired I just don’t want to hurt others or be hurt. Plus whenever I see him, I just can’t help but stare and I feel like a creep. D:

I have no experience in r/s or if I ever tried it just gave me a horrible experience and left me with regrets. How would I put this… Like I’m scared now. To even initiate a convo or like someone. So yeah, I guess this rant is over.

I’m sorry if I was just plain annoying, or repeating something over and over again. I JUST WANNA WRITE IT DOWN! haha So yeah feel free to comment anything c: I need help ;u;


One thought on “Relationships are ???

  1. Don’t worry about it! The right thing will happen at the right time and there’s no rush. Always do what you’re comfortable and ready for. You may feel uncomfortable initiating conversations with someone but appreciate the uncomfortable, it happens because you’re growing as a person and challenging yourself to do new things :). It’s all part of the process and don’t be afraid of it. You might be overthinking a bit but that’s normal and maybe the person might enjoy talking to you as well. You never know so just try because you never know until you try.

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