Read or Watch things in context please

Disclaimer: I’m not against people who are vegan or vegetarian. It’s just those uneducated ones that get so much on my nerves that I have to make this post. 

I am so done with PETA. Like… i love that you share videos of people saving dogs and other animals that were either abused or tortured or left to die by us and that is very honourable. BUT somethings I just can’t take myself to feel as much and agree with. I don’t have concrete evidence right now but i have read that PETA is getting so much money just to put animals to sleep???? To sleep???!! While other shelters and volunteers are trying their best to help animals get homes and let them live their full life. Soooo I’m a bit sceptical when it comes to donating to such an organisation. I would rather do my research first than randomly donate to one thinking that I’m doing good. But sadly soooooo many people are not :-)).

Like showing how octopus can’t be eaten raw because chopping their legs in front of them is wrong??(can be subjective but it’s so ridiculous) because they say octopus have feelings too so what about plants? So what are you gonna do about that vegans huh? What was your intention to becoming a vegan. I can’t stand uneducated people turning vegan just becoz they saw an ant getting tortured and oh no FEELS! Like you ripe the fruits out of trees, you chop up fresh vegetables on the chopping board in front of other veges. All these plants have feelings too you know? When they lose a limb they know, when they lose a fruit they know too. So that’s why they grow back. True pain might not be something they will feel. But just because plants feel things differently from us doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings at all.

And taking a video 30 years ago where people experimented on monkeys that might actually have a cure for blind people? Yes, experimenting on animals is wrong but that video was so old…. and preaching as though people are still doing it now to that extend… A lot of companies have actually stopped animal testing and researchers are trying their best to cut down the usage of such cruelty. But to say as though that the situation is still the same since how many years back… that’s a little too much.

And where will we have been without all the sacrifice the animals made for us. How would we be able to advance so much in such a short time. Some things are inevitable and I may sound heartless… but its the fact. Unless PETA thinks it’s alright to experiment on humans I’m fine with that.

I love this quote/paragraph too much.

A number of studies have shown that plants feel pain, and vegetables are picked and often eaten while still alive. Animal rights activists are often in the news, but has anyone ever protested for vegetable rights?

Phil Cohen, Sydney, Australia

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