The More You Know

※I’m not targeting anyone here. It’s just a general observation that I want to share.


So for those that know me, you see me as this happy-go-lucky austistic kid. HAHAHA! Yeah, that’s me. I love to make people around me happy and positive! *ü* I would even do my best to please everyone and make friendships that are all equally precious.

But I’m not dumb, especially when it comes to guys. All your words and actions, hell I already know what you are trying to do from the start. But it’s fun to play along as a little girl, cluelessly swept away with my feelings. (have to admit sometimes I get swept away too much, but I always have trustworthy girl friends to keep me in check)

I really hate it when guys think that they are much more mature than girls although they are older. Think that they are smooth af, covers all they plots, when it’s just so obvious. What’s even more cringe worthy? When they be prideful, but fails. HAHA!! I don’t blame them though, I know they are just kids and are still underdeveloped. *ü*

And I’m not saying that I understand everything all the time, or that I look down on guys. No, I don’t. But I do give opportunities for guys to tell me their side of the story. Most of the time when they do, I really appreciate it. But some princesses that are stuck in their tiny ass little world can’t seem to understand it and thinks that I am just looking for attention? /rolls eyes ten million times/ Look at the big picture please, get out of your self-absorbed world, it’s reality! So deal with it and stop whining.

7df2f065e044d6f93149fceaedc23c5695642413d158b054eacaddb89f81b55d.jpgProblems will keep coming, situations will not go your way all the time. Looking at the cup half empty or half full won’t make it any better! Look at it as a whole so that you know what to change and what not too. It’s simple to say okay, but would you do it even if it means to step out of your comfort zone?



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