Story time! It’s not really a story.

Or to put it short… My weird addiction/fetish I felt like ranting abt HAHAHA!

Just felt like writing here coz.. Why not? So just recently(a month ago) I bought a new earring and my love for earrings just shot up 100000000x. Lemme explain.

So for those who don’t know, I love earrings a lot. A LOT A LOT! Currently, I have 4 on my right ear and none on my left and I plan to get more in the future, maybe the whole right ear? You may ask why only the right ear 8’D. WELL, I was stupid last time, so the reason is pretty ridiculous. Can ask me IRL) Anyways, back to the story, I bought a new earring from Scape and it’s that big triangle looking one. Something like the ones at the bottom with a different pattern AHAHAH!1ช-นแบรนด-ว-นเทจ316Lสแตนเลสส-ดำสามเหล-ยมเรขาคณ-ตแฟช-นผ-ชายผ-หญ-งพ-งก-สต-ดต-างห-So I decided to wear it next to my danglyyy earring that I bought from Japan. And obviously, because it’s dangly and the new one that I got is big they always clank(?) together when I move my head. AND I FIND THE SOUND THAT THEY MAKE VERY SOOTHING!!!! Is it just me? Like imagine small tiny metals clanking beside your ear *ü* It makes me feel… Less lonely xD OMG. Especially when I’m in a very quiet place, I like to purposely move/shake my head just so that I can hear the sound that they make.

Maybe because it has the same effects as how a whisper would have? Like you know… whisper therapy… I think I just made that term up but I’m sure I have read about it somewhere. Somewhere. And the sound is really soft and gentle, maybe hence the soothing-ness?????? But I really like it and I think it’s awesome and cute and it makes me want to get more piercings. But then I would need to memorise more dates…. Coz I do make it a point to remember when I get them. For fun.

What do you think? HAHAHA



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